About Alecop

More than half a century
developing talent

ALECOP is the MONDRAGON Corporation company specialised in the development of technical vocational education and training projects, and a leader in the Spanish market in the design and manufacture of technical teaching equipment.

It is the result of the experience launched in the early 1960s by José María Arizmendiarrieta, founder of the MONDRAGON cooperative movement, in response to the need to have people with the necessary training to meet the real demands of both society and of the production and service system.

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Initially focused on alternating training, today, ALECOP’s activity is much broader, covering educational consulting services, support services for companies in the management of personal learning and their technical publications, as well as the conceptualisation and manufacture of technical teaching equipment.

At ALECOP, we contribute to the results of organisations by means of learning and talent development solutions.

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MLAKOOP emerged from the merger of two historical MONDRAGON companies that consolidate their strengths to offer tailor-made solutions, services and products for companies in the line of training and languages.

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MONDRAGON Corporation

The support of a leading group

MLAKOOP belongs to the MONDRAGON Corporation, a unique organisation due to its cooperative model and one of the main business entities in Europe.

MONDRAGON Corporation has a staff of more than 85,000 people in various sectors such as industrial, distribution, health, knowledge and finance, and with an international presence in more than 15 countries. Likewise, MONDRAGON Corporation brings together 9 R& D&I centres and has its own university.